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IT Assessments

Are you confident the systems and processes you have in place are efficient, secure, and cost-effective?  Our comprehensive assessment will take a look at every layer of your technology and we will provide you with a detailed report of what is working as it should be as well as areas that present opportunity for improvement.

IT Assessments: Feature

Are your IT systems efficient, secure, and cost-effective?

Our IT Assessment will provide those answers.

Our IT Assessments are extremely thorough and examine everything IT-related.  We typically spend an entire day at your business and evaluate the following: 

- Internal wiring and overall network topology

- Network and bandwidth performance

- Server / file storage / file security

- Network, server, and PC hardware

- Server and PC operating systems

- Disaster recovery

- Virus and malware protection

- Email systems

- Standardization of software and OS releases

- Specific issues experienced by user population

- Specific IT projects you would like to implement

- Opportunities to utilize lower cost cloud-based technologies

- Your custom software packages

We will sit down with your key employees to discuss their current IT roadblocks or frustrations.  We will combine that feedback with the results of our thorough assessment into a detailed 15 - 30 page report that will be prepared for you within 7 days of our visit.  If we find areas that need attention, this report will include specific recommendations for correcting those problem areas.  These solutions could then be implemented by your IT staff, our IT staff, or another IT services company of your choice.

The cost for this comprehensive evaluation along with the detailed report is $995.00.  This price also includes detailed evaluations of up to 25 computers (additional computers can be evaluated at an additional charge).

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"The assessment by Solid Rock IT Solutions gave us detailed information on what was causing serious issues with our email system. They also uncovered some significant security holes. We had them implement their proposed solutions and were extremely satisfied with the service they provided and we continue to use them for ongoing IT issues. Their service is top-notch but their prices are hard to beat!"


IT Assessments: Testimonial
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