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The mission of Solid Rock IT Solutions is to partner with small to mid-sized companies to maximize the efficiency, reliability, and security of all aspects of their IT systems. 

Our comprehensive IT Assessment service analyzes your entire IT environment including infrastructure, hardware, software, processes, disaster recovery, and security.  We also take the time to talk to your department heads to find out some of the road blocks and frustrations they are experiencing with the current systems.  The end result is a detailed analysis of what is working, what is not, and a menu of solutions that would improve your current systems.

Our on-site support services are fully customizable to meet your need.  We can provide a consistent on-site presence for as little as 4 hours a week up to 40.  We are also available for on-call or after hours support.

We also offer a wide variety of other services that focus on particular needs such as upgrading hardware, moving to cloud-based technologies, strategic planning or training, IT project management, and more!

Whether your need is for a comprehensive IT assessment, consistent on-site support presence, or any of our other services, you will find that our customer service and responsiveness to your needs are second to none! 

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